Saturday, January 17, 2009

And So It Begins

Welcome to Knitters Brewing Co., the Original Yarn Brewpub.

This adventure has begun in much the same way as many of my creative forays - with the arrival of a shipment of yarn. This time, however, the shipment was just a little bit bigger than usual, and far less colorful. There they are... my first squad of cones, burrowing beneath one another shyly to hide their nakedness. They are willing volunteers for processing in the brewpub - happy to become plump and vibrant representatives of the company.

They dream of becoming socks - the favored pair in the drawer that gets shown off at social gatherings. The "Go To" pair that proudly gets worn to knitting circle. The rugged protectors of all things "foot".

I salute you, my little friends. We're going to make a great pair.

Chief Executive Brewmaster

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