Friday, January 23, 2009

Gauge - Nailed It!

More progress and successes to report as I wind down Day 5 work on my Stitches West Sweater!

Success number one is that the two front bands have been grafted together at the back of the neck (see right photo). If I may say so myself, the grafting is nearly invisible to the human eye - even one that knows how to knit.

The two front bodice pieces have been made, and I did remember to make a left and right :-). This leads me to success number two: the finished pieces match the desired measurements that I charted - EXACTLY. I really rocked that gauge swatch!!! I'm pleased with the way I added fullness for "the girls." In case you are wondering, the yellow is a waste yarn provisional cast on. I plan to graft the lower edge of the bodice to the waist band.

On a side note, after reviewing these photos, it appears that it is time for a new ironing board cover. Another goal to reach by 2/26/09.

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