Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweater Progress: Day 3

I've been working on my Stitches West sweater for 3 days now, and there is progress to report!

The front bands and cuff bands are complete. I had to do the front bands in two mirror-imaged pieces, because the pattern stitch I chose is a one-way design. Consequently, I'll graft the two together at the back of the neck, which should hardly show at all. Features include:

  • An angled edge at the lower front end of the bands where they will join into the waist band.
  • An I-cord like edging on the "public" edge of the bands as shown below. This feature adds stability to the pieces, negates any edge curling, and also eliminates the need for any further edge finishing work.
  • Beads have been sewn into place, and are looking really nice.
The empire waist band is in progress. For that piece, I'm putting the I-cord edge on both sides of the band to add extra stability. This band will need to be the "anchor" for the bodice - holding it steady under the "girls". I'm pretty tired of doing these bands, and they've made my right wrist sore because I knitted them using only the tips of my KnitPicks interchangeable needles. Not the brightest ergonomic move! I'm going to move on to charting out the bodice pieces, and I'll come back to the waist band a little later. It's serious math time, folks!


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  1. I'm trying to have my Giselle sweater done in time. It's looking good so far. It's about time you started blogging about your knitting!


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