Friday, January 30, 2009

Teenage Waistband

I guess I have The Who to thank for getting me through this part of my project. The entire time I've been working on this waistband, I've had the song Teenage Wasteland stuck in my head. It's probably since the esteemed remaining members of The Who were recently honored at the Kennedy Center, and I really enjoyed that presentation.

So - I usually don't included cheesecake shots, but this was the best way to show my progress. The waistband has been completed and attached to the bodice using a three-needle bind-off. The bodice had quite a few more stitches around its diameter than the waistband did, so there was a bit of mathematical effort involved here, and I probably did have my tongue stuck out while I was thinking a time or two. The two margaritas I had while I was joining these pieces didn't hurt, either.

I'm quite pleased with the resulting success. I have never made a garment that was so fitted before, and so structurally sound! I really dislike wearing things that require constant tugging or tweaking, and this will not fit into that category! This baby hugs the girls with the spirit of a support garment that even Jane Russell would be proud of.

I now need to chart and knit the sleeves - they will be the last pieces to be made using the machine. After the sleeves, I'll be on to the peplum, so I ought to start thinking about what that is going to look like.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Va va va voom! Looks great!

  2. That is so sexy! Will you wear it on the plane to Stitches? :)

  3. I also enjoyed seeing the Who at the Kennedy Center along with Babs (and JB). Clever post. It looks awesome so far.


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