Friday, February 13, 2009

13 Days To Go!

Thirteen days left before Stitches West - can I get the sweater done? I think so!

Got pleasantly distracted for a few days while my cousin was visiting. She is also an avid knitter, so if we weren't knitting, we were talking about knitting, shopping for knitting, dying yarn for knitting, or drinking. A few times we had cocktails while knitting, but that only works for one or two - and then it becomes counterproductive. She and I are about the same age and were pretty close when we were kids, but haven't spent much time together as adults. We found that not much had changed between us - except instead of talking about clothes, boys, and periods, we now talk about clothes, men, and hot flashes.

The sweater is coming along well. I recovered from the sleeve cap incident quite nicely, and the first sleeve is sewn to the bodice and looks great. The second sleeve has been knit, but I haven't seamed or attached it yet. I'm working on the lacy peplum now, shown above. It will be about 11 inches long when complete, and flares out a bit - from a 160 stitch diameter at the top to a 240 stitch diameter at the bottom. It's being knit bottom-up, and the lower edge has a cute wavey thing going. I started with 24 lace pattern repeats going around the bottom, and am deciding how to work in the decreases as I go. Thank god I'm not trying to write this pattern down for publishing. At this point it's a ridiculous jumble of scribbled drawings with alphanumeric codes written all over them that even I can't figure out the day after I write them.

The best part of the peplum is that I get to use lots of my cool stitch markers. My friend Judy beaded a bunch of them for me, and they are so pretty I wish I could just knit them into the sweater. [Note to self: hmmmm.... think about future project I can knit stitch markers into...]

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