Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Roundball WIP

So I recently ran out of WIP. I must say that even though I had a mental queue of about 386 projects, it still felt a little odd to have bare sticks. Consequently, to avoid any risk of having to undergo therapy, I have cast on three new projects! This is perfect timing given that the NCAA basketball tournament is set to start in about an hour. That's some good TV knitting in my opinion :-)

Project number 1 is a sleeveless summer shell top. I really like wearing them, and my timing for completing it might actually be pretty good. The pattern is the Premiere Swing Top from CEY, and I'm making it out of SWTC Therapi which I've been wanting to try. Those SWTC folks are so nice - especially that Joe. So far I really like the yarn - it's very soft, but has pretty good stitch definition. I'm on size 6 needles with it. My picture doesn't give you much of a clue as to what it looks like, but it starts at the bottom with a double leaf pattern, then becomes mostly stockinette when it gets up to the breastages.

Project number 2 is a biggie! My friend and I each purchased yarn and beads to make the River Run Shawl by Karen Joan Raz. While I've used lace stitches in sweater and sock projects before, I've never made a "real" lace project. This one uses 1100 yards of lace weight yarn and 1700 beads, and is absolutely gorgeous when complete. I purchased 100% silk in a light smokey blue color from the A Verb For Keeping Warm booth at Stitches. Michael from the Y-Knit podcast was working at the booth, and I really enjoyed meeting him - a special treat on top of buying really cool yarn! My friend is determined to finish her shawl in time to wear to a wedding in August, and is tracking along very well. Her yarn is a beautiful deep red in 100% tencel that shines and drapes beautifully. I find that this lace knitting thing takes a heck of a lot of focus, and I can only take it for about an hour a day. Hence I'm shooting to finish mine by 2011. You'll be seeing updates for a loooooonnnnngggggg time - hee!

Last but certainly not least, project number 3 is a new sock pattern! I thought it would be really fun to have a Mystery Sock game in honor of the launch of the new website (which is only days away now!) Stay tuned here, or join our group site on Ravelry to get more information (link to the right). No pictures to share - that would kinda spoil the whole "mystery" thing.

For those of you following the NCAA tournament, I wish you the best with your brackets! I've got Memphis to win - we'll see how it goes, starting in about an hour...

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