Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Shawl Crawl

I knew progress on this shawl would be slow-going, but sheez! I've invested 11 hours so far, and here's where I am. I am SO on track for my projected 2011 finish. At this point, I can do 4 rows in an hour, and am extremely thankful that the wrong-side rows are just purled. I get alternating mental breaks!

I do think the shawl is looking good though! The 100% silk laceweight on size 5s seems like a good compromise to me, although my gauge is probably a bit loose. I guess that's the beauty of shawls - gauge schmage!

On other fronts, I'm also crawling up the front of my Premiere Swing Top, have completed the prototype Mystery Sock (so cute!), am a little sunburned from my daily noontime knit breaks in the sun, and have compiled all the necessary paperwork for my tax preparation meeting on Thursday. It's been hard to find time for that last necessary evil, and it feels pretty good to have it nearly behind me.

This week's Thirsty Thursday Drink Special is a free "I [Heart] 2 Knit" cell phone leash with every purchase. No special discount code needed - just place an order on Thursday and it will magically appear in your order. Here's the link!


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  1. I timed myself and that's how many rows I do in an hour also. It's freaking me out because the rows are only going to get longer! I'm questioning my decision/sanity to have it done by August.


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