Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three New Cocktails!

I finally whipped up three new yarn cocktails that I've had on my "To Taste" list! If I say so myself, they are all delicious! These differ from our other colorways a bit in that they are more subtly variegated than the others. This means these will lend themselves well to use with lacy or textured stitch patterns that tend to get lost when knit with the multi-colored blends.

First up is Lemon Drop, inspired by those sweet concoctions that we just can't get enough of! The colors are warm and bold - without the pucker.

Next is Bloody Mary. This colorway captures that universal breakfast drink beautifully! Tomato juice red, subtly blended with hints of burgundy and worchestershire sauce brown. Suitable for sipping any time of day!

Last but not least, we introduce Purple Hooter. The inspiration for this one is that the name makes me giggle every time I say it. Warm shades of purple will put happy feet on all you purple fans out there (and it might make you giggle, too.)

These are all available in the Etsy store now - link to the right.

The new Ravelry group is steadily picking up members! I'm scheming our first KAL - Bloody Mary has inspired me to come up with a new pattern. More on that as the plan comes together. A link to the group is to the right - come play with us!

I have two new projects on my sticks that I'll post about next! One is a summer shell top, and the other is my first significant lace project - a beaded shawl - it's scary!!!


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  1. Hi Wendy,
    I just checked your yarn store and site on Ravelry. Awesome!!!
    I've made lots of socks with the CT&H it!
    The only thing I can't find is the price of your yarn.
    But I'll be watching your store!!
    Lauren in W MI


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