Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'll Have Mine With a Twist, and a New Toy

We're less than two days away from the kickoff of the Mystery Sock KAL! Over 150 people are currently signed in to participate, and I swear half of them are making Purple Hooters! Should be a blast. I'm just doing some last minute pattern proofing to help ensure the event goes smoothly.

At long last, I have a new sock pattern to add to the site Pattern Library! Announcing: "With a Twist" (you decide of what - hee!) shown here in Bellini. A total departure from my usual structures, this top-down sock has lots of fun twists to keep knitters amused while they create. The cuff features a twisted rib pattern that adds an interesting diamond shape which flows down both sides of the sock. On the front and back of the leg, an interlocking diamond pattern twist stitch is used, which gives a really clean "cable" look, without the use of a supplemental cable needle!

The heel is truly my favorite part of this sock. It's a heel flap structure, but highly modified to allow the back patterning to flow all the way to the ground. Wouldn't these be perfect with clogs or other backless shoes?!!

After we make the heel turn, the interlocking diamond pattern continues to roll down to a natural stopping point based on the wearer's foot length. The toe is finished in reverse stockinette on the top of the foot, to ensure that the pretty design never gets lost.

"With a Twist" will be available in the store pattern library by Friday of this week for you to have free with any yarn purchase.

Check out the new Toy at the Brewery! Our new motorized skein winder is a saver of time, not to mention wear and tear on the neck and shoulders! The photo shows it in action, serving up a Dirty Martini.

On another topic, we added three more states to our Where We Have Shipped map this week! Welcome Kansas, Nevada and West Virginia!

visited 33 states (66%)


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