Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where are the Sock-aholics?

Found a fun new gizmo online today! It's a site where you can track what states or countries you have visited. My first thought, of course, was to track how many states we've shipped yarn to! Currently, we're in 30 states - shown in red on the map. I tried to get it to highlight the states in argyle, but I guess there must be another gizmo for that!

visited 30 states (60%)

It's a hot weekend here, and I'm trying really hard to spend as much of this Sunday knitting as possible. To avoid feelings of guilt, however, I'm sneaking in a few housework breaks here and there.

I have a wonderful new toy (I guess it's really a productivity tool, but it seems like a toy to me) that I need to share in my next post!


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  1. Whine, whine, whine -- you can't see beautiful Cape Cod on your map!!


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