Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Flock of My Own

For me, serious animal husbandry has always been limited to cats, and that hardly counts since our two furry feline family members live better than we do most of the time.

But now - I have my own flock! Just shipped in this week from Lantern Moon. How adorable are these retractable tape measures? I'm hesitating to put them into the store inventory, because it's going to be so hard to see them go. I'll so miss little Fluffy, Baaabara, Woolter, Lanny, ....

I should also introduce you to my other ovine friend, Shep. He came to me last Christmas from my friend Khalila who made his adorable little scarf. Shep is the keeper of my knitting "fun money", and he is finally full. I've got my eye on Cookie A's new book, so it's time for Shep to empty his pockets!

The Mystery Sock KAL is going along very well and is just SO much fun! Over 170 knitters jumped in, willing to knit a sock pattern without knowing what it looks like. Many are learning new skills along the way, and there have been some great mind-melding discussions on the Ravelry board about dpn techniques, toe-up cast ons, and yummy cocktail recipes! The WIP photos are beautiful - everyone is doing an amazing job. We just started Clue 3, so the knitters have started working with the beads now, and are narrowing in on the heel. In my next post I'll include a photo through Clue 3.


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  1. I think I have Shep's sister, Sheeeeela, here at my house. :-)


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