Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Sock-aholic Solids!

I love pattern stitches on socks. We ALL love pattern stitches on socks! My dilemma, however, has been that my variegated yarn colorway offerings have been limiting my ability to design great socks with fun stitch patterns. So lately, I've been dreaming of new solid colors that will be awesome "show offs" for those stitches we love.

Introducing new Sock-aholic Solids in 9 new colors!

Greyhound: A perfect shade for any Dawg on your list! Deep, warm, charcoal greys with subtle silvery highlights make this a universally welcomed wardrobe staple. Woof!

Plum Wine: Deep and rich, this warm berry-purple will be a hit with your knitting circle! Naturally brewed-in highlights and warm accents give this color a life of its own.

Old Fashioned: Like a favorite pair of old denim jeans. Why go for new-fangled when Old Fashioned feels so comfortable? Yummy medium blue-grey with naturally occurring warm teal-ish highlights. Your old jeans are going to get jealous.

Grasshopper: Toes will want to jump for joy when covered in this rich, grassy green. This Brewery Favorite takes on natural warm highlights during the brewing process that give it exceptional depth and beauty.

Margarita with Salt: The favored cocktail of our house Brewmistress! Escape south of the border with this full-bodied color reminiscent of lime juice with natural golden tequila highlights. Ole!

Buttery Nipple: Just as deep and rich and creamy as its namesake, this yarn cocktail will warm everything it touches! Golden sunflower yellow with lighter highlights will tempt you to come calling.

Fuzzy Navel: Peach-tastically good enough to drink! This medium pinky-peachy tone will show your stitch patterns with beautiful depth and a fresh flair.

Cosmopolitan: And what will the Lady have? A Cosmo, of course! Who could resist this medium cranberry red with naturally occurring highlights that give the color true interest to even the most discerning metropolitan knitters.

The best part of this job is clearly naming the new yarns. I pull out all the drink mixing books and study them intensely. Of course this generally leads to some taste testing, too!


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