Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mental WIP

visited 39 states (78%)

It really wasn't that long ago when I was whining about having no WIP. Ohhh, I should have better appreciated that beautiful country while I was there. Now, I fear, I'm in quite the opposite locale - WIPville, population me.

Knitting-wise, I have several partially finished projects to confess. My desire to create more designs tends to leave me with half-pairs of socks. When I finish one new sock to my satisfaction, I photograph it, write it up, publicize it, and move on to the next idea in my sock queue. Maybe it's because it's summer and my feet are uncharacteristically warm right now, but historically, I don't leave the second sock hanging like that. I like pairs. Heck, I just like even numbers, and tend to finish sets of socks for that reason alone. The unfinished sock count is up to three. Ack - another odd number.

But it's not just socks. I bit off a big bite to chew when I started my lace shawl last March. It's beautiful, it's special, and it's stalled out big time - to the point where it has been relegated to a zip-lock bag. What a shameful way to treat naturally hand-dyed 100% silk. There's also a sleeveless shell that is about 60% complete. It was meant to be done by now so that I could be wearing it in this summer weather, but nooooooooooo....

But it's not just tangible knitting - there's mental WIP, too. That's what's getting to me these days. I have so many ideas, and am already imposing deadlines for them even though they haven't even been sketched out yet. There's a business collaboration I want to put in place that is associated with one of the three unfinished pairs of socks mentioned above. I don't really have much experience going after this sort of thing, but I know people who do who will be happy to come over for dinner and help me through it. Of course, this means I need to finish the physical WIP first (and cook a nice dinner). There are the fun holiday projects that I have in mind to share with my really cool customers - several of them actually - that need to be designed, knit, written, and prepared for promotion. And there is another Big Business Idea to supplement Knitters Brewing that I need to kick around with some other brains to massage and add detail to so that I can implement it.

So - bottom line is that there is lots to do, and precious little time to do it all in. All my life I've had a successful career by working hard, and now, after all these years, I'm finally motivated to learn how to work smart. The plan of attack will be forthcoming in future posts - and I promise they won't be whiney, and that there will be better pictures :-). Thanks for listening!

On a completely different note, I'm pleased to share that we have shipped to three more new states since my last post. Welcome Utah, Montana, and Alabama!


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