Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Martini, anyone?

The first of the Holiday KAL designs is done! Introducing the "Shaken, not Stirred Scarf." This design is actually as fun to knit as it will be to wear! Four olive-beaded martinis are surrounded by a sea of lace olives. This scarf is made using one skein of our yarn on size 4 needles, and will be available in all our Sock-aholic Solid colors. Each "kit" will also include the martini olive beads and a cute, matching commemorative martini stitch marker! Look for these in the store in early August.

I'm busily working on the next in the holiday martini series - fingerless gloves! The first attempt was soooo cute, but soooo wrong. I put a really cute stranded wristband on the glove, only to find that it had no elasticity whatsoever. This, of course, made it completely unwearable, so I'm onto Plan B.

We've had some other excitement since my last post... I found out our trademark has been approved! Knitters Brewing Company is now the proud owner of the term "Sock-aholic" as it applies to commercial yarn. To commemorate this special occasion, I added the following definition to the Urban Dictionary .

Sock-aholic (n.): A knitter addicted to the act of making socks, often to the point where it interferes in his/her social life, and drains financial resources which ultimately get diverted toward yarn acquisition.

(example: Mary, a consummate Sock-aholic, was too busy knitting her latest pair to realize that she was being eyed by the handsome man on the other side of the public library study table.)

Tomorrow, hubby and I are off to Mammoth for the Blues and Beer Festival! Should be a really fun time, hanging out in the mountains, listing to some good music and tasting unlimited quantites of craft beers. It's a long car ride, so I'll have lots of knitting time on the way up and back, and plan to take along something easy to knit at the festival, too. Maybe that summer top I should have finished months ago! I'll show and tell in my next update!


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