Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New LYS!

It's rare that we get a new yarn store in the area - and I'm particularly impressed that one has opened during this economic situation. But on Sunday, we got one!

Located in the old downtown area of Vista, CA, Clever Knits has real throwback charm. The new, yet retro, decor scheme coupled with the old neighborhood sends off a cool, funky vibe - creating a space that will be fun for gathering knitters and knitting gatherers alike.

The owner, Helena, is a very nice lady, and has great taste in fiber - there's not a bad skein in the place. From Alpaca to O-Wool, we could easily dream up projects for most of her inventory with little mental strain. We were also quite pleased to find no novelty yarns!

The picture above from the Grand Opening that happened to capture our scouting party... this was shortly after our arrival, and Kelie (famed Zebra sock designer) was already at the cash register!

Helena, on the left, was having fun greeting her new customers. Her personable ways will certainly draw regulars to her new business, and I wish her lots of success!


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