Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Real Forehead Slapper

I've probably blocked knitted piecework 8000 times in my life. Like everyone else, I like to block things as easily and quickly as possible - usually because blocking is the only thing preventing me from wearing whatever the item is!

For non-sock items, I generally choose to block piecework by pinning it out on my ironing board, and then steaming it with my hand steamer. The steam does the job very quickly, and there's no waiting around for the work to dry. The downside is that my steamer does not like to work in the horizontal position - it tends to spurt boiling water all over my work and my fingers - ow! Up to now, I've just toughed that pain out as "part of the process."

So a couple of days ago, as I was blocking piecework for the 8001st time, a lightbulb came on in my blonde head. After pinning my WIP out on the ironing board, I simply tilted the ironing board until it was standing on its end - and voila! vertical blocking. After slapping myself on the forehead, and shouting "Doh!" loud enough for the neighbors to hear, I proceeded to steam the project without a single water spout or burnt finger. I can't believe this didn't occur to me 10 years ago. In the pic you can see a glimpse of one of the Brewery's Holiday Projects that will be announced next month. More on that when it's finished soon!

I'd like to welcome two more states to our Knitters Brewing Company family! Pins have been stuck in the wallmap for Vermont and Louisiana! Welcome to our new friends in the North and South!

KBC has shipped to 42 states! (84%)


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