Monday, August 10, 2009

Whipping that WIP

Another FO has come off the needles! I've finally finished my White Zebra socks, and think they are pretty much the coolest socks ever! Thanks once again to Kelie for collaborating with The Brewery on her unique design. Many people joined our July Safari and had a great time creating Zebras and Tigers. I suspect this pattern kit will have ongoing popularity!

This represents another check off the WIP list that I whined about last June. Let's recap my WIP Whipping progress on that list:

1. With a Twist Socks: 50% done. Will finish this pair with the group during the current KAL.
2. Zebra Socks: Done!
3. Yet to be announced socks: 50% done, and not quite sure what to do with them.
4. River Run lace shawl: Managed one row per day in July, so there is slow progress.
5. Premiere Swing Top: Done!
6. Business collaboration related to sock #3: no progress
7. Holiday project 1 - Martini Scarf: Done, and kits have launched for a September KAL!
8. Holiday project 2 - Drinking Gloves: In process, and fun so far!
9. Holiday project 3 - TBD: Not started yet.
10. Big business idea mentioned in June: Still noodling it around.

So the big talley is that 30% have been knocked off the list, and progress has been made on another 40% - yay! Of course, I have some other new things in my mind that I want to make, but I'm really trying to avoid that tempting Cast On!

On another front, the With a Twist KAL started last Friday and is already really fun! It's going to be great to see all the different colors people come up with for this pattern. This KAL requires no purchase, and is going through the end of September. Click here to download the pattern and join in the fun!

Off to dye some martini scarfs...


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