Friday, September 18, 2009

Eye on the Prize

At long last, I finished the Drinking Gloves this week! I also wrote the pattern in two sizes, Ladies Medium and Large - that burned a few brain cells! Now I know why I have this math degree.

Shortly after completing this Medium pair, I cast on a second pair in Tidal Wave to test knit the Large size. This pattern has constantly changing stitch counts due to the fitted sizing and all the finger hole manipulation, so I really wanted the opportunity to double check my written pattern. I'm hoping to complete pair number two soon, and once I do, I'll upload it to my site for sale. I've got some new online functionality that will allow me to sell instant downloads, and I'm itching to try it out!

I've made some progress on the kitty, too, who now has one arm! Still need to make arm #2 and a tail. I think she'll get a big pink bow around her neck - my neice likes her pink! I need to keep on this project to meet her October 3 birthday deadline - particularly since I'll be heading to NYC for a few days next week.

In order to keep myself diligently working on the above two projects, I'm dangling a new sweater project in front of myself like a carrot. When I finish these, I get to cast on the Coraline Tunic Top by Joan McGowan Michael. I just love her feminine designs and can't wait to get this on the sticks! The yarn I got is Elann Quechua, an incredibly soft DK weight alpaca/tencel blend, in the softest pale pink ever. I'll feel SO girly in this!



  1. Oh - the gloves are wonderful! The top is pretty as well. Have you had a drink in your drinking gloves just yet?

  2. Wendy, I am waiting on the glove pattern for chirstmas gifts, and I love love love the pink tunic top... knitrsue

  3. I just found your blog today, and wouldn't you know you are starting a project with alpaca. I'm an alpaca breeder/fiber artist, and I hope you will come by for a visit. I'll be reading way back on yours. The drinking gloves are wonderful.


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