Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun with Fun Fur

Did I need to start another project - hell no! But I just can't pass up opportunities to make fun things for my niece. Her 2nd birthday is October 3rd, and she's crazy for kitties, so I thought she should have one!
This work in progress is coming together pretty well in spite of the "wing it" methodology I'm using. I'm working from a book called Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman. There's a kitty pattern in the book, but it's a pajama bag, so only the head is actually knitted. The body for this pattern is a cloth bag to stick the pjs in. So I made that head - and modified it to be two colors. The dark part is one strand of black Carron Simply Soft held together with one strand of Lion Brand Fun Fur. Since features wouldn't show against that combination, I made the face white (also Simply Soft). The face is embroidered on using some of the black and some leftover pink Berocco Comfort that I had. The eyes are from my stash of safety eyes that I collected MANY years ago when I used to make teddy bears.

The body is from another animal pattern in the book - a kangaroo! I had no idea whether the sizes of the head and body would be comparable when I started this project, so I got pretty lucky! I'm modifying the kangaroo body to remove the pouch, widen the torso to fit the neck of the kitty, change the front legs, and add the kitty tail. Given that there are a couple football games on tonight, I should make some more progress today!

So this kitty is why I haven't finished the Drinking Gloves yet - sorry to everyone who is waiting for them!!!

My cousin was here last week, and I think we co-enabled each other into new projects and stash. It's always fun to have her here, especially since she is as big of a yarny as I am! While we were browsing the LYS, I purchased a new sweater pattern, and subsequently some new yummy yarn to make it from... stay tuned! I'll show it off in the next post!



  1. I hope that the kitty's head goes back on her body soon!

  2. What a sweet face! will she have front paws too?


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