Monday, October 12, 2009

Here Come The Kits!

Since my last post, I released the Drinking Gloves pattern for sale in the online store. I was pretty darned excited that day, because I used some new functionality in my e-store software that allows people to purchase pdf files and get an instant download. It works great! Had to place an order from myself to check it out - ha! I must admit, it's really nice to receive an occassional order that I don't have to make or ship anything to fill.

I thought the Drinking Gloves would be a great pattern to use to test out this pattern-selling method, because this would be a hard design to sell as a kit. There are three contrast colors in smallish amounts that would be painful to measure out and skein.

But... customers spoke! I got immediate feedback from members of my Ravelry group (what a great group it is - join us!) that they would be interested in kits. And how did I respond? Of course I can put together kits! Since I haven't started advertising this design yet, it's the perfect time to get the kits together so that I can launch it with two options: pattern only, or the whole enchilada.

So what was the first step? Finding the perfect charm for the commemorative stitch marker, of course! I started including a coordinating stitch marker with kits a while back - just because I think it's fun :-) My charm source didn't have any glove charms that weren't gardening gloves or boxing gloves, so I found another five-fingered option, and I think this is way cute and perfect. We have a new local bead source in town, and I found some cool cube-shaped turquoise stone beads that will look really good with this for the stitch marker.

The next step - making lots and lots of teeny skeins of yarn - see top photo! Hope to launch the kits on the website on Friday :-)

On and off the needles since my last post is an Xmas present for my neice. I'm not going to talk about it because I'm making a matching one for my sister, and she might read this. I'll have to post these gifts after the holidays! I should make some more progress on my Coraline front this week because I have to take an overnight trip for some family business which means travel knitting time :-) We all love that! I've also started working on what will likely become Mystery Sock II, which uses the Mosaic knitting technique. I've never tried mosaic before, and it's so fun and easy!



  1. I can't wait for the kits! I'm doing a mosaic sock pattern right now, good luck with yours.

  2. oooooh...mystery sock why haven't we heard anything about this on the boards?!? i'm soooo excited...mystery sock #1 was so gorgeous (and it holds a special place in my heart as it introduced me to KBC!)


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