Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knitting Diet

I must post this follow up to the kitty I made for my niece. She hosted a little tea party to welcome kitty into her new group of friends (some of them quite famous!) I guess kitty is in...

Now about the knitting diet. No! I am not knitting less - shudder the thought! I'm just finding that another great thing about knitting is that it keeps my hands busy, and away from snacks!

We started the South Beach diet here on the 1st of the month. It's been quite a lifestyle change, but I think I'm finally getting into the groove. The food is fine and there's plenty of it, but I'm having to prepare three meals a day, plus healthy snacks, and that is just something I've never done! I like to cook, but am usually only good for a few nights a week. On the other nights, we have leftovers or go out. Not anymore! The other big change is the lack of adult beverages, which I can live with for a while, but not without some whining! Our first week has been successful, so we are motivated to keep going.

On the positive side of the lifestyle change, this diet requires me to structure my time better, so I seem to be a bit more productive these days. The drinking gloves are finished, and so is the pattern. Tomorrow I'll work on getting it uploaded to the website for sale.

I've also started the front of Coraline - yay! I'm even giving consideration to restarting my vow to do a row on my lace shawl everyday. I have ideas for two new socks that I need to get charting. Good thing I'm feeling productive!

I've registered for Stitches West which will be held next February in Santa Clara. I'm going to take a day-long class from Laura Bryant (!) on Intentional Patterning from Hand Dyed Yarns. I hope to learn some tips that will allow me to create some interesting new sock kits for the shop. Wish it wasn't 5 months away! It's over my birthday weekend again this year, so hubby is going to meet me up there for a fun weekend of wine tasting, or whatever else grabs our fancy.

Time for some charting!


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