Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rock Star Cookies

One thing that you may not know about me is that I'm a Rock Band junkie. I'm part of a group called The Hotties that plays semi-regular "gigs" in the North County San Diego area. Generally, we schedule our shows around the six band members' birthdays, and make a fun evening of it including excellent home cooked dinners, fine cocktails, and uninhibited (yet privately contained) musicianship. When it's my turn to sing, I normally prefer the classics from the 70s and 80s - Sufferagette City is one of my faves. During our last gig in November, I had a lot of fun wailing out Kung Fu Fighting, and actually thought I had done a really good job on the song. That was until I saw video of the performance the next day - ha! The air karate kicks were a little over the top...

As our band had no birthdays to celebrate in December, we started a new
tradition of the band holiday cookie baking and movie knitting day. The event was appropriately named The Hotties' Sugar High Gig 2009 by Edina, who compiled our recipes into wonderfully cute card sets (shown above). Edina is also wonderfully cute (shown on the right), and she also whipped up some soft and chewy lemon cookies that are quite addictive. Glad she provided the recipe!

What a great time it was! We started in the morning with a round of Bailey's and coffee and Becky's yummy pumpkin muffins to get us going, and knocked out several batches of cookies and candy over the next couple of hours. Our Band Manager, Kelie (left), created two delicious cookies with some pre-gig help from her junior assistants. One of her recipes, shown below in red, green, and white really does taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Becky prepared a ton of delicious caramels that required full band cooperation to get individually wrapped. Then, as if that wasn't enough, she moved on to shortbread cookies that were deliciously frosted in holiday colors. She's shown on the right hollering at me to stop bugging her with the camera while she focuses on her balls.

Shelly exhibited her usual joie de vivre as she prepared her chocolate topped peanut butter cookes that are way yummy. She also got high tech points for bringing a silicone baking sheet thingy that was way cool!

As we transitioned to margaritas and various varieties of junk food, we fired up the DVD player and got some good laughs watching Julie and Julia while we worked on our knitting projects. It's been a hectic couple of weeks for me, with very little knitting R&R time, so I really enjoyed this opportunity to kick back and celebrate the holidays with the band!



  1. Don't be modest, you know you rocked Kung Fu Fighting! Thanks for the great cookie gig post and pics - it was a blast yesterday!

  2. Best Hotties Sugar High Gig yet! Thanks for hosting, Wendy!


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