Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Right Twists, and Cutting Off My Toe!

Today I'm going to carry on with the Right Twist Method comparison that I started in the previous post. Previously I eliminated three of the five identified methods (those identified as B, D, and E). Today let's look at A versus C which are photographed below:

A, shown upper left, is the "standard method" that I've been recommending in my patterns. C, upper right is an alternate method recommended by Barbara Walker (see previous post for instructions). IMHO, both methods seem to be acceptable visual opposites to the Left Twist sample shown at the bottom of the photo. I believe that method C has a bit better stitch definition. It is also a little easier to work, and is slightly more stretchy than method A. Based on this experiment, I'll probably change my ways and use method C going forward, and will recommend it in my pattern instructions as well. Who says you can't teach an old dog a new trick!

Now about my toe! I'm finishing up a test pair of socks for a new pattern, and have had to knit the right sock twice due to some design optimizations I made after the first attempt. Since the skein isn't big enough to finish three complete socks, I needed to frog right sock number 1 so I could reuse the yarn. Thought you might like to see my shorcut for getting that started!


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  1. I just had a mini-heart attack while watching you cut that toe!!


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