Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doh!!! Out of Yarn

When I started this project, I knew there was the risk of running out of yarn.

My goal was to design a shawlette that could be made from a single skein of the Sock-aholic sock yarn that I sell. But instead of using my own yarn, I cast on with HandMaiden's CamelSpin which I purchased last Fall at the Torrance Fiber Festival. It's such soft silky yarn, and I just had to make something from it, so I figured I'd use it as a prototype for this shawl design. So I weighed the skein, and kept rechecking the weight periodically as I worked on the shawl to ensure I wasn't overallocating the yarn as I went. Clearly that method didn't work because now I'm out of yarn and I still have 15 of those pointy border thingies to knit. I need about 50 more yards.

The thing is - CamelSpin has 328 yards per skein, and my yarn has about 480 yards per skein. I would have had plenty had I used the yarn I should have... but no....

So what to do? I've considered my options, and first I'm going to appeal to others on Ravelry who have this yarn to see if they have any leftovers they would like to sell, or trade for my sock yarn.

If that bombs, I'm going to frog and re-engineer the border. Ugh! I have this vision of pulling the yarn tail and seeing beads fly everywhere. The pointy border motifs could actually be spaced out more (to have half the number of them around the shawl), and the whole garment would probably lay flatter if I did make that modification. That alone would get me the extra yardage I need.

The more I think about this, the more I think I just need to forget trying to find more yarn, and just bite the bullet and re-do the border. My apologies once again for using this blog to help me think through something!

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  1. Mmmmm bummer!!!
    I just did almost the same thing. I was having a moment when I first read my pattern. It called for 2 6 oz skeins. I just saw 2 skeins and only had 2 3.5 oz skeins. Oh my,
    I like the idea of less points on yours. Think it will look wonderful!! Good Luck


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