Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Place I Like To Be

I've been finishing some projects lately, and it feels good. Some may say that I'm just going through a phase. Others might calculate that this recent trend is merely proportional to the number of projects I've started lately. Whatever the reason - "Finishville" is a place I like to be.

Here is the Single-Skein Shawl in all it's blocked glory! As you can see, I frogged and reknit the border, and am so glad I did. This revised border lies much flatter than the previous one, and suits the overall design much better. The total yardage ended up being about 300 yards of CamelSpin, which is somewhere between fingering and DK weight. This design will be perfect for an upcoming KAL - perhaps one aimed at single-skein holiday gift knitting. I might just even have a new yarn blend soon to go with it! but more on that at another time...

I actually have 5 design projects going right now, which is more than I can usually get my head around at once. I justify this completely with the knowlege that the mental exercise I get jumping around among these mathematically puzzling projects is certainly good for prologing the effective years of my brainpower. Or, at least, it counteracts the cocktail-induced degradation. So what are they, you ask?

1. The What Happens in Vega$ sock for the KAL that is launching this Friday. The design work is long done, of course, but I am still putting the final touches on the written pattern. It's done in two sizes, charts and text, and each of them are VERY lengthy due to no two rows being alike. Can't wait to hear people's reactions when they see it on Friday!

2. The shawl shown above. The knitting is obviously done, but the pattern is just a series of rough charts and some notes on odd pieces of paper (and perhaps one cocktail napkin). Lots of writing work to do, and I need to get some good photos.

3. The Fancy Fishnet Socks. You haven't seen these yet - hee! I was inspired by fishnet stockings to create this design which features a fairly simple pattern and some cute as ever knitted appliques. The socks are finished and the pattern is completely finished, and I plan to take them with us on our vacation to get some good photos. I was thinking this would be a good summer KAL, but the next design may be cutting in line.

4. The Pink Ribbon Socks. These are work in progress as you can see in the photo. I was asked by a customer to dye some "Breast Cancer Ribbon Pink" yarn a little while back, and she was so happy with it that she then encouraged me to make the yarn a regular stock item, and to design something to go with it. Because the subject matter surrounding this color is so important, I really wanted to do something special - pretty and feminine, unique but not too difficult. Consequently I started playing with the ribbon motif, and then tied them together in a lace design featuring hearts and flowing ribbons. I'm very proud of the way this design is coming along, and plan to use it for an upcoming fundraising KAL. Status? I'm on the leg of sock number 1, and have also been writing the pattern as I go. This project is likely to be vacation knitting :-)

5. Something completely different! A Scottish-themed non-sock which (if it works) will rely on a new dying technique I recently learned to create cool patterning. I say "if it works" because so far, I've done lots of calculations and have dyed the test skein, but haven't put it on the needles yet. I'll be starting soon - probably more vacation knitting!

On another finishing front, the Social Butterfly KAL is winding down this week and we'll be having our prize drawing on Friday! There have been so many great socks created - including this pair made by Ravelry group member goldisocks. She found the perfect shoes for these socks!

So as you can see, I'll have plenty of things to report as being finished in the near future. Heck, I even finished my taxes last weekend!


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