Friday, May 14, 2010

Same Two Rows - Over and Over Again

Most of us knitters like to keep a variety of projects lying around, so that when it's time to knit, we can choose to spend time with a project that fits the mood and environment. Project monogamy is not particularly popular in this community.

I prefer not too have too much WIP - I feel guilty if I have too many unfinished projects on the sticks. I do, however, agree that it's important to have a variety of projects in the works, and mine generally fall into three categories:
  1. The most important project type to me is the Mobile Project: usually a small item like a sock or scarf, which isn't terribly complicated. I find that "mobile" gets less so if I have to keep pulling directions out.
  2. Then there is the TV Project: usually a larger project such as a sweater, which is too large to lug around, and requires that instructions, measuring implements, and/or special tools be close at hand. The difficulty of these project can range from easy to intermediate, as long as I can knit without missing the plot of the movie (or audiobook).
  3. And finally, the Thinking Project: projects that have complicated patterns or are being designed as they go. These projects often involve ongoing math, frequent trips to Excel spreadsheets, and/or lots of counting. When I'm working on one of these projects, it's pretty much all I can do at the time.
I've hit this funny cusp in the universe right now where my three active projects (one from each category, no less) have all hit a stage where they are nothing but mindless repeats of two-row stitch patterns. I'm finding it particularly odd, because I can't remember a time before this when I had a project with a two-row stitch pattern, and now I have three of them at once! Here they are:

My Mobile Project: This is a Scottish-Themed scarf (shown at the top) that I've designed to go with specially hand-dyed yarn to create the plaid effect. The two-row pattern is stockinette with a seed stitch border on each side - the yarn does all the impressive work, so I don't have to!

My TV Project: This is the Catalina sweater by Jordana Paige. I'm making it out of DK weight Lisa Souza baby alpaca/silk, and it is the softest sweater EVER! So far it seems to be knitting without incident due to well-written instructions, and it seems to be fitting well, too. It's a top-down raglan, and I've reached the section below the waistband which is a two-row stitch pattern. The pattern is lacy, but easy - an 8 stitch repeat on the right side and all purl on the wrong side. Great TV knitting!

My Thinking Project: This is the new Man Sock (to be named later) that I'm working on. It's a two-color sock, featuring corregated 1x1 ribbing, a cool looking diamond pattern below the cuff, and a sweet two-color yarn over short row heel. It looks complicated, but the cuff and diamond pattern can be worked mosaic-style - and I guess the heel can be, too, if you use DPNs. The solid blue section on the leg and foot-in-process are (wait for it...) a two-row stitch pattern. In this case it's a two row slip stitch rib that is pretty nice looking.

So - I guess I'm currently enjoying a phase where all three of my active projects can be worked on auto-pilot. This is a good place to be on a Friday. With any luck, I won't have to think again until Monday.



  1. How in the world do you dye a yarn to do this (specially hand-dyed yarn to create the plaid effect) Wendy this just totally blows my mind.....
    I love the 'circle of friends" yarn you sent me....I thought the same thing when I received it...How in the world did she dye this one?

    you are just so good girl....

  2. omg i LOVE the man sock! it's not nearly as boring as most guy socks, but still reserved enough that they'd wear it...brilliant! looking forward to the scarf too...accidentally got that effect on a dishcloth i knitted and was fascinated by it!

  3. Love the Man Sock design!!! Pat [aGypsyKnits]


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