Monday, May 3, 2010

We Have the Technology - The Final Chapter

More success to report: the new sleeves are done, and I think they look much better! I put nearly all the extra yarn to use, so I think this project can count as stash reduction, too. Win-win!

Each sleeve has been lengthened by about 3-1/2 inches, and they seem much more flattering now. They're fun and poofy and very girlie, and tie into the rest of the design.

I started the sleeve remodel by picking up stitches along the bottom of each existing sleeve so that I could get a stitch count. The magic number was 57. I then made two more bands using the same patterns I used to make the mirror-image neck bands. I completed each band by picking up 57 stitches along the long (sleeve) edge of the band, and grafing it into a ring.

Then I went back to the sleeves, and worked stockinette on each sleeve - going back and forth between the sleeves to keep them even in length without running out of yarn. When they were as long as they were going to get (9 rows of stockinette) I attached the band using the three-needle bind off method. Gave them each a little steam, and voila! Finishville. I now have a sweater I enjoy wearing!

This project was mentally healthy for me for a couple of reasons. First, I turned what was going to be a neglected mass of yarn and resources into something of value that I will use. Second, I wasn't quite ready to cast on anything new when I started this remodel. While working on it, I thought about new projects and new designs, and now I have two new things I want to start. One of them is another sweater - more in my next post!



  1. i LOVE it! amazing job on not only the concept of reworking, but the execution as well...some day i hope to have half your knitting chops :)


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