Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Funny how news often comes in pairs - the good and the bad. I like to live my life in such a way that I avoid bad news as much as possible, but naturally, it seems to catch up with me from time to time. In most cases, my bad news really isn't too bad, so I guess I'm very lucky, or blessed, or strategic, or whatever it is that drives these things.

First, the good news. The Awareness Ribbon KAL launched on June 1st and is already lots of fun! This KAL features the sock on the right - resplendant with ribbons, hearts, and girly curves. The kit comes in a variety of colors to correspond with a variety of awareness ribbon causes, and also includes a cute stitch marker to remind us that "Together we can make a difference." And we are making a difference! $2.50 from each kit sold is going to the Susan G Komen Foundation to support breast cancer awareness and research. Click here for more information!

The bad news that went with this launch is fortunately of the short-term variety. I had a little supply delay with the base yarn I use for this kit, and promptly ran out of yarn on day 2 of the new KAL - doh! As I am a Supply Chain Professional, I drove my supplier nuts with continual suggestions as to how they could get the yarn to me quicker, and they called in extra help to bust it through production just so they wouldn't have to listen to me anymore. It should be here today, so I expect to be off backorder with our customers by the end of this week - yay! Thanks to everyone for their patience with this delay.

Now for some more good news... I finished Wingman Number 2 last night! I guess that means I have Wingmen now. I've decided the official photo session for this design will include hubby's motorcycle - that should be fun! This is a fun knit - the colorwork is not as challenging as it looks, and the ribbing part is nice and mindlessly relaxing.

Now for the very, very bad news. Over Memorial Day weekend, we lost our cat Smithers unexpectedly. It was quite a shock to lose my fuzzy friend, who had been my companion for almost 15 years - since he was a tiny little furball. I have so many happy and funny memories with Smithers, and below are a few examples of what a great help he was...

Here, Smithers is helping me cut out some quilting squares.

Here is Smithers keeping me company during SockWars after a long night of power knitting.

Here he is testing some yarn to see how soft it is.

He even helped us with plumbing when we renovated our bathroom!

He was also a great protector...

Mostly I remember how peaceful and content he looked when he found the perfect sunny spot. I'm sure he's somewhere like this now, waiting for us to join him someday.


  1. :( I'm so sorry about Smithers, he was a beautiful presence and friendly guy.

  2. Oh, I'm so sad to hear about Smithers, he was an extra special cat.

  3. For those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, not knowing about the damage it can do to an entire family is a ridiculous notion. However, there are lots of people out there who have not yet had to face its menace on themselves or anyone they know. This makes awareness of what it does to whole families something that needs to be increased.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Smithers.

  5. Great pictures of Smithers - you must be missing him terribly.

  6. There is more to the Pink Ribbon than just saying “Hey! I care about breast cancer!” In fact, it does say that they wearer cares about this deadly disease, but it also calls the rest of us to care just as much. More importantly, it calls us to action. It doesn’t really mean anything if you or I say that we care, but we do nothing.


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