Sunday, June 27, 2010


There's nothing like winning a prize to perk up my spirits, especially when the prize involves yarny goodness! I entered a giveaway on threadbunny's blog, and won the random drawing! One knitter's stash is another knitter's treasure.

Here's my prize! Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's 2010 Never Not Knitting Calendar (which I did not have), and three beautiful skeins of KP Riata yarn in a really yummy deep magenta color. I haven't ever used Risata, but am intrigued by it's content which includes cotton, wool, polyamide, and elastic. It sounds like it might be a nice stretchy combination that is cool to wear (both in appearance and temperature).

Now for the sweater. Catalina is coming along well, but I am really having a hard time getting motivated to keep moving on these sleeves! I'm doing them two at a time using magic loop, and it's a pretty simple six-stitch and eight-row pattern repeat. It should be good mindless knitting, but for some reason I just can't power through it for very long periods of time. Maybe it's because it's like making a sock that never gets to the heel, where you get to enjoy that little break in the round-and-round-and-round monotony. If these sleeves were socks, I should have hit that heel point long ago. I guess I know never to start a knee-high tube sock project! Anyhooo - the pattern shows these sleeves as elbow length, but I'm making them full length because I'm generally always cold about 10 months out of the year. I have about 7 or so inches left on each sleeve, and I need some motivation! Please send me some Sleeve Love so I can get through this part of the sweater, and can move on to the front band!

After I finish this sweater, I've decided that my personal knitting is going to move into the Christmas Gift phase. Not sure what that list looks like yet, but I'll be thinking it through as I go 'round and 'round on these damned sleeves....



  1. How very pretty!! Keep on going ... round and round and round - just don't get dizzy.

  2. It is very pretty. Just keep going, Just keep going!

  3. When you're done, I'll buy you a beer over at Stone.


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