Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun with Plaid!

I was recently quite honored to be asked to design a project for another Ravelry group's Fall knit-along, which just sounded like such a fun opportunity, I had to say "Yes!" The group is the Outlander Fans, which is comprised of yarny types who also enjoy Diana Gabaldon's series of books, the first of which was Outlander. This series is unique in that it crosses a number of genres - it's a romance, set in an historic Scottish time, thanks to a mystical bit of time travel. The historical information is quite detailed, painting an adventure about feuding Scottish clans and a modern "lass" who gets caught up in all the action. And yes, we find out what's underneath at least one of the brave warrior's kilt!

After being asked to do this project, I had the opportunity to attend a class taught by Laura Bryant of Prizm Yarns. She and her associates have been true pioneers in the field of intentional pooling, and the techniques that she shared allowed me to create the self-plaiding (well... we say self-striping...) scarf design shown above. The Outlander Fans have identified four tartans for their group members - one for each of the three clans, and one for the heroine. Consequently, I came up with the four colorways shown here, so that each knitter could have a special project to represent his or her favored clan.

And because I always include theme-oriented stitch markers in our kits, the Scottish warrior knitters will be adorning their needles with this weapon-laden hardware. The sword, a popular emblem used on kilt pin designs, represents all the Outlander clan warriors, and the blue beads represent the Scottish flag, known as the Saltire. (I'll admit I did try to find Loch Ness Monster charms first, but it was a no go on those - ha!)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the plaid fun this Fall!



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