Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here I Go Again - But With a New Tool This Time

By now you are all tired of hearing me whine about the lace shawl that I don't like working on, but I'm going to blather on about it some more, because I've just cast on another project very similar to it! Clearly I need therapy.

So let's break this down. The things I don't like about the big lace shawl are...
1. The rows are really long
2. The yarn is very thin
3. The right side rows are beaded, which makes them take even longer.
4. It's taking forever to finish because I've lost interest in it. I have to make myself work on it.

On the plus side - it's beautiful! I'll love it for the rest of my life when it is finally done.

So while I was travelling to my class reunion and back (it was way fun, by the way!), I cast on and started Christmas gift #2. This is the
Sabine sweater by Julie Weisenberger, which I'm making for my mother. It's got that great top-down raglan construction that eliminates all seams - love that! But as I was working away on it on the plane, I noticed the following:
1. The rows are getting really long
2. The Kid Silk Haze that I'm making it from is even thinner than the silk I'm making the shawl from. Plus, it has no mass whatsoever, so...
3. I'm going to have to do some beading around the bottom of the bodice and sleeves so the thing doesn't just float off my mother as she is wearing it.
4. I'm really glad to have a Christmas deadline for this project, otherwise it would probably become really good friends with my shawl in Wipville: Population 2.

The good news is that the wrong side rows are all purl, and I'm determined to learn to knit backwards in an attempt to make them go more quickly (or at least more ergonomically). I've tried once before, and just couldn't wrap my head around it that day, so I forgot about the technique completely. One of the Knitlisters posted this brief video recently, though, and it makes it look so simple that I'm pretty sure I can tackle it this time. Another new technique for the ol' toolbox.

Before I try this, however, I'm going to finish my Catalina Sweater. I have just a few more rows to do on the front band, but decided it was too bulky to carry on vacation, so I had to abandon it in a state of near-completion! That was a test of my resolve, for sure. In my next post, I should have a finished sweater to report - yay!


  1. I love backwards knitting! The only problem is that after a while I forget what I'm doing and have to think about how to knit correctly :o)

  2. Don't forget about 'the other shawl' Wendy....

  3. WOW how cool thank you Wendy :)


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