Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Toes!

I've finished the first half of my new Pedicure Socks, and I have happy toes!!!

This pattern has turned out to be way fun! It starts with I-Cord to form the toe strap, and you work the top of the foot for a couple of inches. Next you pick up the opposite side of the I-Cord and knit the sole of the foot for a couple of inches - and this gives you this pretty hour glass.

At this point, you fold the hourglass in half to join the two halves and work in the round to form the foot, heel, leg, and cuff. As you can see in the full photo below, this design is asymetrical - just like our feet. Consequently, this design is right and left differentiated, which provides a little design challenge for me!

I'm using our new Sweet Butter yarn for this pair, and love the way it feels to work with and wear! I look forward to launching this pattern as part of our Holiday Gift KAL - these socks will make great presents... this pair is a present for ME! :-)


  1. Great looking toes!!!! and I do love the pedicure socks...good looking forward to doing this one....

  2. WAY cool, Wendy! These would look cute as short footies, too. My imagination is running wild!

  3. Awesome - that is an ingenious technique!

  4. Way cute pedicure. and I can't wait for the Holiday Kal.

  5. Wendy - I cannot wait for this KAL - I was already planning on making pedi socks for my sisters this year. WooHoo!


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