Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Heel that makes me Squeel!

I'm working on a new sock design for our Holiday Gift KAL. This sock has a VERY different toe treatment than we have done in the past, so I wanted a new heel, too! Enter the Fleegle Heel.

This heel technique is truly elegant in its simplicity - it results in a very tidy turn with no wraps to mess with and no unwanted peep holes. The real piece de resistance is that there are absolutely NO GAPS where the completed heel is rejoined to the top of the foot to be worked in the round once again. Amazing.

This is a toe-up heel. It begins with paired increases as you approach the heel to create a gusset. Then, short rows are worked to turn the heel, but the short row turn gaps are cleverly hidden with decreases to yield a smooth finish as you can see in my photo. You can read more about it on Fleegle's Blog. I'm hooked!

The yellow yarn I'm using is our new Sock-aholic Sweet in Sweet Butter. I love the feel of it, and so do my feet :-)

In my next post I'll reveal the results of my attempt to knit backwards. The word "attempt" kinda gives it away...



  1. On my way to go check out this new heel.....

  2. Versatile Blogger Awarded to you! Love your posts, all of them. Pick it up here!

  3. Lovin what I see of this new sock pattern!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog--and I'm glad you like my heel!


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