Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our First Shawl KAL

Woo hoo! What an exciting week. First we introduced our new yarn, and now we've rolled out the information about our next KAL! The After Hours Shawl is our first project designed for our new yarn, and our first shawl project.

I can't remember what it was that inspired me to design a shawl - I guess it just seemed like a fun, mathematical sort of project that I could sink my teeth into. (Plus, I like to take a break from socks every now and then!) I had no idea whether I could make a decent sized shawl from one skein of yarn, but by using larger needles, the pattern yielded a full-sized shawl. The lacework is definitely more open than you see in most shawls, but it still drapes well, looks pretty, and makes you feel like a Princess when you put it on :-)

Our new Sweet yarn is really perfect for this type of a project. The bamboo and silk in the blend enhance the yarn's draping properties. The shawl is also accented with 04/0 beads around the border to give it a bit more weight. It hangs beautifully!

And kudos to Mr. Wendy, who once again has done a great job photographing our projects.

The Knit-Along for this shawl starts on 9/1. For details, you can visit
The Store or The Ravelry Group. We would love to have you join us for this quick-knit project!


  1. WOW so so pretty! I love the look of the shawl can't wait to see everyones resaults. I can't wait for summer to end so I can get to knitting again lol.

  2. It is gorgeous Wendy. How about one that is crocheted? I know, I know.... Knitters Brewing Company!


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