Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fruits of our Labors

Today was a super special day for us here - it is the first day of the San Diego Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk! You may recall that we did fundraising all summer for SGK, and today was the day to celebrate everyone's hard work and contributions!

The funds we raised (over $400!) went to SGK via our friend Judy who is walking in the event for the first time. Judy has a long history of volunteerism and participation in charity fundraising events of all kinds, and she loves doing it. She's always been a regular walker, but over the last several months has kicked into training for the event - walking many miles per day. The 3-Day route takes the walkers on a 60 mile journey all around coastal San Diego County, with two nights of camping (and foot rest!)

Kelie and I dressed in pink this morning and found a spot along the route on a nice neighborhood street, which was formerly very peaceful and quiet until we showed up! For several hours we clapped and cheered for the walkers - helping to keep them entertained and energized. Kelie is much better at cheering than I am, she had a special style of shaking what God gave her while she shouted "Save The Boobies!" This always got the walkers laughing and cheering :-) I have a feeling she's going to be pretty hoarse for the next couple of days! In this photo from left to right are: yours truly, Judy, another friend Patti who is also one of the awesome walkers, and Kelie.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of rain forecast over the next two days of the walk, but we wish the walkers the best, and Mr. Wendy and I will get out there again tomorrow to cheer them on. It's SO much fun to see all the costumes and decorated cars and motorcycles on the route. Even the male bicycle Police patroling the route were having fun, playing loud music, and wearing pink skirts over their uniforms :-)

And on a completely unrelated topic, I received some prize dishcloths in the mail today! These were made by Dashiemouse from our Ravelry group, and they are awesome! She sweetly volunteered to make prize dishcloths for our Fantasy NASCAR league, and she has done a wonderful job. These are just too pretty to use - I love the star-shaped one! Thanks, Dashie! I so appreciate the Fruits of Your Labors!


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  1. Oh, they are so pretty.....Wish I could of won just one week, but it has been so much fun...Can't wait until next season, starts in early Feb, 2011......
    Thanks Dashie


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