Friday, February 4, 2011

Call Crafty 911, It's a Double Homicide and Kidnapping

We have a fresh crime scene here, and are on the lookout for a small furry unsub.

We store our Christmas decorations in the rafters above the garage, and have for over 8 years. Among the many festive and cherished hand-made decorations I tuck into cardboard boxes, were three goofy little snowmen, made from tube socks filled with rice, and adorned with scraps of fabric and little buttons and pieces of coal made from Filo clay. I made these wobbly little guys on a camping trip in 1999 along with a group of my friends. You can see our whole snowman family in the photo - including Queen Latifa in the back row who was made by a creative young teenager. My trio of wobbly snowmen looked perpetually drunk, and therefore resided on the bar in our pub every holiday season.

Today as I was walking through the garage, I noticed one of the three snowmen lying on the floor of the garage. He had been chewed to shreds, and not a grain of his rice innards was to be seen. Scattered around him were bits of torn cardboard. It took me a few moments to figure out what was going on as we've never seen mousies here (or at least they've stayed hidden thank you very much!)

Fortunately, Mr. Wendy arrived home just as I was surveying the snowman murder scene. He gowned up and ascended the ladder to the rafter storage area, armed with a long poking stick. Sure enough, the one box that contained all the Christmas decorations had many holes chewed through it. After ensuring no unsubs were currently in reside
nce, he brought the box down for the sad post mortem. Snowman Number Two had also died in the same horrible manner as his former drinking buddy. Snowman Number Three is nowhere to be found, which upgrades the crime to a double homicide and kidnapping.

Other fatalities included a quilted holiday table runner I had made about 12 years ago, Smithers' Christmas stocking, and a holiday embroidered hand towel. RIP. Critically injured are a quilted hanging I made in the early 90s, and a set of Christmas stockings - my first socks, by the way - that I made in about 1981.

I had just about summoned the emotional strength to lay the quilted hanging to rest when Mr. Wendy pointed out that most of the damage was contained to the corners of the outer green stripe. "Couldn't you cut
that part off or something?" he asked. Well yes, I considered, and then remembered that I think I actually still have some of that fabric in my quilting stash - believe it or not. So now I have a little sewing 911 challenge.

As for the stockings, I immediately started assessing the steps required to repair them. I don't have any more of that glorious Red Heart yarn, but among the other surviving decorations are some of those lit
tle ice skate ornaments made by crocheting around a paper clip - you know what I'm talking about. Amazingly, the red and green skates are in the same worsted weight acrylic yarn colors as my stockings! I think there will be enough yarn there to do the necessary repairs. Another 911 challenge!

So it's been a tragic craft day here, but I feel positive I can save two of the victims. As for the perp - they say that animals who digest uncooked rice explode. I hope he did
- right after he choked on the Red Heart.
Cheers -


  1. RIP Mr. Snowman and friends. May you find happiness in that great big snowbank in the sky.

  2. Diane (toetoheel) says:

    So sorry about the damages. Hope you can repair some of these things.

  3. OMG! I have Red Heart in my garage if you need some. :( So sorry about the damages too. Have a shot of something to dull the pain.

  4. It must have been a sad and tragic day in SoCal. Hope the mousies didn't leave too much DNA laying around. Please switch to Sterelite containers to avoid any "returning to the crime scene".

  5. You are too funny, clever and creative. I loved your story and sent your blog to a few of my friends.


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