Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Flower Gardens

Thought I'd post a quick update on the two flower gardens I'm nurturing right now.  Our weather is getting pretty nice now, and it's inspiring me to be outside more, and playing in my garden more.  I'm even more inspired to pull weeds!

Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas

First, here's an update on the felted clogs I'm making for my mom for Mother's Day.  Last time she was here, she mentioned that the she was wearing out the pair I made her a few years ago.  Isn't that the best compliment on a knitted gift ever?  So although making her another pair isn't an original gift, it seems like it will be appreciated and well used, so that's what I'm working on for her.  This pair is made from Cascade 220 and Plymouth Galway.  I've finished the knitting and felting, and now I'm working on some embroidery to spiff them up another level.  I haven't really done embroidery in the last 30 years or so, but I have about every color of floss under the rainbow, so that's what I'm using to put the flowers on these clogs.  It's a simple design, but is a little difficult due to the thickness of the felted clogs.  After one evening of struggling to pull the needle through each stitch, I smartly grabbed my small pliers and am now using them to help me tug the thread through the clogs.  It's much easier on my hands!  Anyway, one is done, and I think it looks pretty cute!  I'll start working on the second one tonight, and should be done in plenty of time to get these in the mail.  This is one of the projects on my Gift Knitting Boot Camp List - so far my 4 gifts this year have all been done on time!

My other garden is my rose garden.  I have about 15 plants in our front yard which I enjoy tending to during the early part of the year.  Here in Southern Cal, we prune our rose bushes mid-January, and expect to see our first big bloom in April.  I'm right on track!  Historically, my enthusiasm about regular garden tending seems to wane after the first bloom, so this year I'm really trying to maintain my gardening mojo.  Really, if I spend about 30 minutes a week out there, it's plenty, so I keep telling myself that's all I need to do.  I've also started saving the blooms in the freezer when they start to fade so that they can become dye! 

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  1. the embroidery adds the perfect touch!

  2. I have made the felted clogs before, but the embroidered flowers make them look so different and beautiful!


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