Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cool New Displays for our Travelling Road Show

Mr. Wendy and I just finished doing a test run setting up the new display fixtures for our Sock Summit booth.  Pretty exciting! 

I'm sure glad we did the test run.  Besides gaining some invaluable practice at putting the network binning together, we identified two little issues that needed to be addressed.  First, one of the connectors wasn't correct, but the ever handy Mr. was able to modify and correct it.  Second, we are missing a part!  Guess I'll make that call tomorrow.  Plenty of time...  no biggie.

I'm very happy with my choices.  Although these units are lightweight and will pack into a relatively small space, they provide us with enough sturdy shelf storage to house about a gagillion skeins of yarn, and six linear feet of hanging space for lots of kits and notions.  Together with the table that is provided for our booth, we'll be in great shape.

And...  I was contacted by the Vogue Knitting Live folks on Friday.  They wanted to make sure I knew about their West Coast conference that is happening in Los Angeles in September.  Over 6000 people attended the market at the East Coast event they hosted, so it sure seems like we just might want to exhibit there, too!  And then the Torrance Fiber Festival in November...  we're going to be getting pretty mobile around here.  Our new fixtures should be getting lots of great use.  


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