Friday, May 13, 2011

Eleven New Feet

We're so Sock Summit focused around here lately that even Mr. Wendy is getting into it!  I thought you might enjoy seeing the creative work he's been doing to help make our booth look great.

Mr. Wendy is a woodworking hobbiest.  He has done some really beautiful work around our home - our pub with a walnut bar, our office with a 12-foot long cherry wraparound desk-for-two with matching cabinetry above, beautiful maple cabinetry in one of our baths, and a Tuscan-inspired wine wall in our kitchen with oodles of storage and featuring an oil painting done by his mother.  Yes folks, we're both lucky to have a lineage of generations of creative people! 

I needed some feet to display sock sample for the exhibition booth, and asked Mr if that was something he would be interested in producing.  He just happened to be looking for an excuse to get his tools out, so he enthusiastically headed to Home Depot to find some wood.  Using one of my plastic sock blockers that I got from Knit Picks as a template, he traced the feet onto the wood, and then rough cut each one using his band saw.  For step two, he used his router to fine tune the cuts, and then finally hit them all with a bit of sand paper to smooth out the edges.  Kelie and I both used the same word to describe his results:  "Perfect!"  They really are.  Thanks Mr!

This weekend we'll be giving our new display fixtures a test run set up to make sure I got all the pieces when I picked them up last week.   Can't wait to hang a few feet on them!



  1. Okay, I'll be the first: Have Mr. Wendy sign them, put your business logo/info on them and I'll buy one set at Sock Summit. :) Can't wait to find out if I get my way. :)


  2. Someday I would LOVE to go Sock Summit. Have a blast and keep us posted - it's almost as good as being there.


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