Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tweeted! and The Birth of a New Shawl Pattern

This is what I saw at 7:24 Saturday morning...  it's not often that the first words out of my mouth on a Saturday morning are "uh oh..." 

The Yarn Harlot saw the new Bridge of Roses pattern and graciously shared it with her Twitter audience - how exciting!  This sort of advertising tends to be pretty effective, so that was only the first of many "tweet-driven" orders.  We've been spending the last few days manging the extra volume, and are doing pretty well with it.  I don't think Intern Lori knew what she was in for when she arrived!  Thanks to the Yarn Harlot for helping to make our Susan G Komen fundraiser an even bigger success!

This is what it looks like inside my head

Prior to the Tweet Event, I started working on the new shawl design which I promised I would blog about as I go.  There's not much to share yet, but I can say that the shawl will be semi-circular or cresent shaped, and will have lace motifs in it, and I'd like it to have a wavy lower edge.  I have in mind a pie-shaped motif that is comprised of leaves that will look something like my sketch on the right.  These will be lined up side-by-side to form the lower edge of the shawl.  There will need to be some other filler above them and between them, but I'm not quite sure what that needs to be yet. 

Individual Leaf Motif

My process to figure it out is this:  first I came up with the individual leaf pattern that is the size I want (shown left).  I wanted a smallish leaf that is knit from tip to stem, and is surrounded by yarn overs.  Now I'm in the process of plugging that pattern into a chart to come up with a rough draft of the larger motif.  Then, I'll test knit the larger motif and make necessary adjustments to it.  Finally, once I see how the larger motif looks, I'll decide how to duplicate it across the bottom of the shawl and hook them all together.  It's really like assembling a puzzle, and is quite a challenge.  We're planning to take a long weekend trip, so I hope to have my chart roughed together so that I can work on it on the plane  :-)  Hopefully my next update will feature a finished larger motif!

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  1. Very excited to see a new shawl design evolving!

  2. Well, lucky knitters who decided to check you out!
    I've participated in the last two KALs
    L♥VE each of your sock designs
    Hang Ten went to my younger daughter
    we're from SoCal, of course, but now land-lock here in mid-MO.
    Can't wait to see how this shawl developes.

  3. Love reading about your design process!!! It's like I'm right there, looking over your shoulder! What fun!!


  4. great podcast. maybe you could mention ravelry groups that go along with your subject.
    ravelry name is marimariknit


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