Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ta Da!!!!  The shawlette is finished and blocked!  I'm very pleased with the results - the shawlette is in the cresent shape I was shooting for, and the scalloped edge looks really pretty  :-) 

The shawlette is about 14" wide at the center, and has a 56" wingspan.  Perfect for wrapping around necks, shoulders, or heads.  I used all but about 32 yards of the yarn in my Sock-aholic skein, so I'm pleased with my efficient yarn planning, too!

Here's what it looked like before blocking - reminds me of the Potato Chip Scarf - ha!

I'll get the kits released as soon as possible.  Now that I know it all works, I need to finalize the pattern, and have Mr. Wendy help take photos and make some videos.  Stay tuned for the Seaside Shawl coming soon!



  1. Oh Wendy, that's so pretty!

    If only I could knit lace...have a kit for After Hours that I'm going to tackle when my life settles down.

    Beautiful shawlette, it always amazes me when people can design such beautiful things.

    donna in QC Canada

  2. It's a beauty. I think I could do that one because it doesn't have all those pointed edges.

  3. Jeannette (knittingintexas)August 23, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    Love, love, love it! Now I just have to decide on a color.

  4. Ohhh, the shawlette calls to me in my fav colors -lavendar/pink/purple

  5. It's a beauty! So different once it's blocked!

  6. I really love this shawlette. OMG Most beautiful....

  7. Beautiful! I was just going backwards on my feed reader and commented on the podcast blog that I was hoping for pictures of the finished product (I didn't go through your link and was just thinking the pictures you referenced were of the half-finished project!) This is beautiful!!!

  8. Wow! you outdid yourself this time! Simply beautiful!



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