Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shawl Updation

I've been making some serious progress on the new shawlette so I though I'd give you a peek! 

After doing some yardage estimations, I decided to repeat the motif seven times across the shawl.  The central repeat is the full length shown in the previous post.  The two on either side of the center are a bit shorter, and the four end repeats are shorter yet.  This will give the shawlette the cresent shape that I'm shooting for.

I'm not at full width yet, and the shawl is currently at 52".  The motif widens as it progresses, so I expect to see that factor increase the width somewhat more.  Plus, there will be a border around the whole thing which will add another couple of inches. 

In the photos, I have the WIP shawl (done in colorway Canteen) pinned on top of the test motif so that you can get a sense of what the finished piece will look like.  The curved edge of the motif will repeat seven times, side-by-side.  The eyelet border will be worked all the way around the shawlette to finish the opposite edge and ends.

I still have 33 rows to work before starting the border.  The rows have 320+ stitches in them at this point, so they take me a while to do.  I'd better get back to work!

I'm still paranoid about running out of yarn before I'm finished, so I've been weighing my ball as I go and doing calculations to project whether or not I'll make it through.  So far it looks promising - fingers crossed!

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