Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Great Knitting Day!

Today I had three excellent knitting experiences, so I thought I'd share :-)

First, I attended a meeting of the local TKGA Chapter today for the first time. Why did I wait so long? Well - back when I first knew about the chapter, I couldn't attend the weekday meetings because I had one of those pesky corporate jobs. Then, three or so years ago when I stepped away from the corporate world - I just plain forgot about the chapter. Last weekend when we were at Vogue Live, a couple of the members introduced themselves to us at our booth, and asked me why I'm not a member. I had no good answer for that at all, so Voila! Today I am a new member.

Second, I picked a great meeting to attend for a first timer. This is a very large chapter with over 200 members, and they have monthly meetings that are well planned and include great program speakers. Today's speaker was Barry Klein, owner of Trendsetter Yarns. Mr. Klein and his mother started Trendsetter 24 years ago, and their products feature many, many interesting yarns in all sorts of textures, weights, materials, and colors. He gave a very interesting talk on how different types of yarns are milled, dyed, and plied, and had slides showing production equipment from the mills they use in Italy. I was particularly interested to see the methods the mills use to dye variegated yarns at commercial scale - one method uses lots of syringes to inject dye right into cones of undyed yarn! Crazy stuff :-) I got up the nerve to introduce myself to Mr. Klein after his talk - after all, we did hang out across the aisle from him at the booth featuring his yarns at Vogue Live.

The third awesomeness of my day is that I finished knitting my Siesta sweater while I was attending the TKGA meeting - YAY!!!!! As you may have heard me mention on the podcast, I decided to make it long and use up all the yarn I bought. So... I did a calculation to estimate how much yarn I would need for the icord bindoff, and wound that off the outside of my last ball of yarn to hold in reserve while I knit the sweater as far as it would go from the inside end of my ball of yarn. The result is that the only yarn I have leftover is the teeny tiny ball shown above - love that!!! The sweater fits great and is flattering - the photo here doesn't show it off very well. It's somewhere between long-tunic and short-dress in length, and I look forward to wearing it with leggings.  After I block it (just a bit to help the icord edgings lay flat) I'll post a modelled photo :-)

So that's my great knitting day so far!


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