Friday, October 14, 2011

Houston We Have Pocket!

So I got really tired of knitting the plain Stockinette lining of my Leftober iPhone Purse, and decided to take a shot at the pocket!  It's sort of the same ailment that causes us to start multiple projects at once, only I work on multiple parts of the same project at once.  I'm well known in my own mind for multi-tasking to the point of complete non-productivity.

I did this pocket completely ass backwards.  Normally when you make an inset pocket, you first knit the flap that becomes the lining of the pocket, and you leave the stitches at the top of the flap live.  Then you work the outside of the piece, and you pass over each edge of the lining flap, you grab a purl bump on the flap selvage and knit it into the outside piece.  It's very neat and tidy looking.  Then when you reach the top of the flap, you bind off the stitches on the outside piece as you work your way across, and the live flap stitches are substituted into the main piece.  OK - that was probably confusing...

Since I had already knit the outside of the purse, I had to knit the pocket onto the outside of it.  So, I picked up stitches going through the fabric to form the "seam" where the bottom of the pocket connects to the purse.  This was fiddly, but successful - it really looks invisible.  Then I knit the pocket back and forth, and on the RS rows I knit the pocket stitch together with an outside stitch from the purse.  This looks OK, but isn't as neat as it would have looked if I had done it correctly.  I added some ribbing rows at the top of the pocket to help it stay closed, and to prevent it from rolling.  As you can see, the size is perfect for me to coil my earbuds into - yay!

I've been asked to write this pattern, and when I do, I'll write the pocket part as if I did it correctly  :-)

Now back to the boring Stockinette.  Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Please, please do write the pattern. I love this. All of the other iPhone holder patterns are so just boring and this one looks great. Thanks clarabee72


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