Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Left-Ober Project

Our Ravelry group tries every year to pay respectful hommage to the cherished month of Socktober by doing something fun and out of the ordinary.  In 2009, we had a mini-sock exchange, in which 72 knitters from the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia sent itty bitty socks to their swap partners. 

In 2010, we truly showed loved to our WIP sock projects by having a Second Sock KAL.  In this event, over 40 pairs of unfinished socks were finished, and single socks around the world rejoiced at finding their perfect mate.

This year, we've decided to try to reduce our sock yarn stash by declaring this month to be Left-ober.  We've started a KAL thread in the Ravely discussion group, and all you have to do to play along is make something out of leftober sock yarn.  We all have some!

So far, we've seen our knitters create a beautiful and original beaded/knitted necklace, an adorable mini-sweater ornament, and a pair of cute baby socks.  Many other leftober projects are on the sticks, including mine which I'll tell you about.

Since I got my iPhone in February, I've been wanting a little purse to carry it in.  Sometimes, when I want to listen to music or an audiobook, I don't have on garments with a pocket to put the phone in and that annoys me.  So my thought was to knit a little iPhone purse, that is big enough for the phone, the earbuds, and maybe a few other little purse items.  It would need to have a long handle to wear over my neck so that the purse hangs against my chest or on my side in messenger-bag style.  I thought it should be double knit  or two-layered for strength.  Ideally it could have an external pocket that the earbuds could go in when they aren't in use so that they don't get all wrapped around everything else inside the purse.  For a secure closure, I thought a flex-frame would be perfect.  You know - the metal thingies you squeeze from the sides to open the purse.  Then when you let go, it snaps back shut.

This has become my Left-ober project.  The yarn I'm using is some Pace Step, leftober from a Think Outside the Sox contest entry from 2008.  The purse is a rectangle - I cast the bottom edge on using Judy's Magic Cast On.  Basically, the purse is knitted as a tube - and to make it pretty, I stole the beaded Social Butterfly motif from my Mystery Sock I pattern.    I knit the tube to be long enough to hold the phone plus extra length to cover the flex-frame and a little extra margin - just cuz.  Then, I did a picot turn row, and am now working the inside half of the tube.  Not only will the second half of the tube turn inside to create strength, but it will also create the casing for the flex frame.

The photos show my progress to date - I'm about an inch into the inside part of the tube.  It's super monotonous stockinette stitch at this point.  I've also shown a photo of what the picot edge will look like when turned to the inside - love those cute little girlie edges! 

When I reach the desired length of my tube, I'll insert the flex frame and then kitchener the end closed.  I probably ought to put the external pocket on before I sew it shut in case I need to stick my hands inside the tube.  Then I'll sew or perhaps crochet a seam just below the flex frame that joins the two layers to create the casing.  I-cord handle?  Hmmmm?  Sounds like I'll be hashing out those details as I go...  future posts!


  1. wow, you are so good Wendy..... and it is gorgeous...... knitrsue

  2. I like your butterfly very much! Great idea!


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