Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolving Woeful Neglect

I couldn't have picked a better New Year's Resolution for 2012.  It came to me as naturally as yarn wraps around my right pinky, and I've faithfully executed it all week.  Resolved:  spend at least 30 minutes outside every day, preferably doing yardwork. 

When I drafted this resolution, my purpose was three-fold.  First, I need to take a break from the computer during the day.  I tend to start work before 7am and stay at my desk until 6 or so - working, writing, playing on Ravelry, knitting, whatever I need to do to ensure the day's business is conducted properly.  Second, I need to move more.  My hobbies (knitting, and....  uh...  knitting) and my vocation (knitting) tend to be pretty dormant on the activity scale, so my body gets a bit stiff over time, and really does show appreciation when I move more than just my fingers.  Third, the yard really needs some help.

I didn't realize how many positive benefits there would be from this resolution!  In just a week, I've grown to look forward to this daily "time out" of mine, instead of viewing it as the chore that it is.  I've declared outdoor time to be electronic-device-free-time, so instead of listening to a book while I pull weeds, I'm forced to listen to my thoughts for a change.  Darned if I don't have a couple of good ones left in there!  My jeans are actually a tad bit more comfortable today than they were a week ago, and I attribute that to the daily stretching and squatting that comes with yardwork.  I've felt muscles, especially in my legs and rump, that I haven't felt in a long time.  It's good to know they are still there!

The best benefit has been the daily sense of putting a little part of my world back into order.  Because I tend to be a fairly structured person, my head goes to a really happy place any time I get to make order from chaos: whether it's creating a new system to manage data or inventory, cleaning a room, organizing a drawer, or pulling weeds from a flower bed.  The success of my daily outdoor work has actually spread to the interior of my home, where I'm also trying to knock something off my indoor Woefully Neglected list each day, too!  I won't go into details about that list, but let's just say that yardwork and housework really took a back seat to workwork over the last couple of months.  Although the number of tasks on my WN list is truly overwhelming, I find that most of them really don't take too long to resolve, and thus provide some fairly quick gratification. 

Bottom line:  I'm starting 2012 off in a productive way, and am feeling super happy about my daily accomplishments.  And yes, writing in the blog has been neglected, too!  I'll see what I can do about that  :-)

I also wanted to share the first pictures I have from the Travelling Sock KAL that started this week!  In this KAL, there are two circles, East and West Coast, each with 10 or 11 people in them.  Each knitter started a pair of sock toes for herself, and then mailed them to the next person in the circle.  As we receive each partial pair of socks, we work on it for an inch or two, and then mail it on to the next knitter in the circle.  Eventually, each person will find their beautiful, colorful, and unique pair of socks in their mailbox, and it will have been touched by 10 other knitters.  How cool is this concept?!

My toes are made from Sock-aholic Sweet Teal.  Nothing fancy, just the standard increases up to a 64 stitch circumference.  This KAL is a great way to use up stash, as you only need a few yards for each sock you work on. 

Kelie's Toes
Kelie is in the circle position prior to me, so I've already received her toes, and added knitting to her pair.  She made toes from sparkly Kraemer yarn with silver flecks in it.  She dyed this yarn a really dark blue, and it looks like the nighttime sky.  I added a slipstitch pattern to each sock using some Pace Step in light blue along with some variegated yarn from Jolly Jumbuck called Helios.  A little more stash gone - whee!

Both pairs are winging their way to Penny in Canada now who is next in our circle.  Hopefully the border crossing will be swift, and Penny can start to add her creative touches to the WIP!

I have nine more pair to work on, and I'll be sure to report on each one as they arrive!


  1. I love to be outside, but I do less and less every year it seems... That is one reason I agreed to take miss Duchess from my step mom.... and duchess loves the outside so we go for allot of walks during the day.... On the cold cold days she does her business in a hurry
    My toeses from miss Lori (iolastone) will be here tomorrow and I have not decided yet what I will use on them, but I have bunches to choose Off to cast on for clue #1 .......................


  2. Wish my skills were equal to the task. Maybe if you do it again in 2013!

  3. I think the Traveling Sock KAL is a splendid idea. My hesitation in joining in on the fun was only because I was afraid my knitting would not be up to par with more experienced sock knitters. Maybe next time if there is going to be a next time. Probably a bunch of others feel the same way???

  4. It sounds like you're working towards balance in life, and it's going well. Good for you!


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