Friday, February 10, 2012

Dying and Spinning Success and a New Shawl

I am really enjoying the process of becoming friends with my new spinning wheel! I finished spinning and plying the fiber I dyed (see two posts ago), and it turned out pretty cool if I may say so myself.
Skeining to measure after plying

This fiber was split in half for dying, with half being dyed an eggplant color, and the other half dyed in a progression of eggplant to olive to dusty pink to vermillion. I spun those two halves separately, and then plied them together. The result is a skein of yarn that is one long color gradient, as planned, which I think would be awesome on a shawl. I got 394 yards of the two-ply (70% Merino/30% Silk). It's certainly not the most evenly spun and plied yarn you've ever seen, but it averages about 17 wpi and has that rustic beginner charm. I don't have a pattern picked out for it yet, so off to Stashville it goes!

I really want to get another order of fiber placed, and I need to talk to our suppliers to see if they can provide us with fiber on a larger scale. After dying this fiber, I have lots of ideas about how to work variations on this full-skein gradient concept. And, of course, the color combination possibilities are endless!

Right now I'm spinning some 50/50 Camel/Silk that I bought from Red Fish Dyeworks at Sock Summit. I just love those ladies, and they dye the most beautiful array of silk yarn I've ever seen.   The 4 oz braid I'm working on has lots of colors in it, and it's spinning up very fine, so it ought to keep me quiet for a while! 

I've also been watching some Judith Mackenzie DVDs about spinning.  Just fascinating!  I'm making notes of exercises I want to try to improve my skills.  She makes it look so effortless.  Someday...

In anticipation of our new yarn arriving in early March (!) I started a new shawl design for it!  Kelie has been doing the test knitting, and so far it looks really pretty.  I'm also finalizing the new striped sock pattern that will be our next KAL - stay tuned!



  1. Oh girls, I love the shawl and the new yarn you are spinning and plying......You are just so talented.....
    I started my Ruby yarn into the seaside shawl this week and I can't get past row 10 of chart A.... It is fine up until 10 and the count is way off..... huk !!!

  2. Love the shawl! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. I can tell how much you love spinning and dying.

  4. The yarn you are spinning is gorgeous! - lppurl

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  6. I love the full skein gradient idea. It's perfect for shawls which I've started to enjoy making more and more. Keep up the beautiful work!


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